Thursday, March 31, 2011

In memoriam

Do not stand by my grave and grieve.
I am not there, I did not leave.
For I'm that distant shining star.
I'm all around you, never far.

I am the sparkle in children's eyes.
I paint the blue in the autumn skies.
And in those cool sweet summer eves,
I hide in the shadows the sunshine weaves.
Yes together we laughed and cried,
But now I'm ever at your side.
For as long as I am in your heart,
We'll never really be apart.
(By R. F. Kramer)

Sometimes people have asked me how I have ever started to make handicrafts. I do not know the most right answer but my grandma and my sister have probably influenced me most. By now, I have lost both of them... If there was one thing very common for me and for my sister it had to be the passion for handicrafts.
My sister was brilliant in drawing, she just did not like to draw people, she told she could not, but I think she could.
She was great at sewing clothes. She attended a sewing course in the hobby house for years, later i went there as well. We had same lovely teacher. I wanted to become as good in sewing as my sister was. Later she sometimes designed her own and her children's clothes. Sewing seemed to be so easy for her, she even did not need a proper pattern to start sewing something. She also sewed some clothes to me years ago.
She also was good at knitting. Both me and my kids have worn items knitted by her.
She was also fond of calligraphy, making leather jewellery and flower compositions.
I would have had so much to learn from her. But there is no chance for it any more. Maybe one day I can forward her passion for handicrafts to her little daughter or at least tell how talented her mother was.
Rest In Peace, my dear sister...
(On the photo: my sister wearing a dress designed and sewed by her in our wedding)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Black flowers on red velveteen

I love velveteen pants (and dislike jeans, you do not find any jeans in my wardrobe) and I really use to wear them out. Those red velveteen pants (that I have been wearing for at least 8 years if not more) started to get worn out from the backside as well and as I did not want to throw them away (I like them too much;)) I decided to redesign them into a skirt. That way I could get rid of the worn out area in the backside and I can still wear them for more years:) I also crocheted some black flowers and attached them to the front.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring on the card

While we still have lots of snow and winter outside it feels good to put some spring feeling on the card:)