Monday, April 20, 2009

Some layouts

I have continued to work with Märt's (scrapbooking) album about his 2nd year and here are some of the pages:)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cooking time

Birthdays usually mean a lot of cooking, at least in Estonia we use to eat a lot at birthdays. Märt turned 2 years old (how time flies!) on the 12th April and i made a cake for that day as well as home-made bread. The cake has usual biscuit "bottom" (made of eggs, sugar, wheat flour and cornflour) and i put raspberry jam and cottage cheese cream between the layers. Simple and delicious! Years ago i often made that kind of cake but i had not made it for quite some years by now as I have experimented with more complicated cakes. Should take it "into menu" again;)

I have baked a home-made bread for several times by now, some people even got it as a Christmas present from me:) It is a rye bread and consists of rye flour, leaven, water, salt, honey and cumins. It needs for 2 days to make it, around 10 minutes on the first day and around 3 hours next day (that includes 1,5 hours in the oven).

Happy (ending) Easter!

Here is a bit different style of art of mine: eggs colored with onionskins and some yarn! This is our only Easter tradition: to color (and boil) the eggs, hit them together (to see whose egg is the strongest) and then eat them. In Estonian we call Easter also for "the holidays of eggs".