Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not good for bodyweight!

Since summer is still few months away it is a right time to eat something yummy like cottage cheese balls (Kohupiimapallid);) You need to mix 2 eggs with 4 tablespoons of sugar, add 250 g cottage cheese (i used Ricotta cottage cheese) and add 100g flour mixed with 0,25 teaspoon of salt and 0,5 teaspoon of cooking soda. Heat the oil and fry the balls ("design" the balls with help of two teaspoons) in the oil. The balls usually self turn themselves around in the oil, if not, help them. When the balls are ready (with nice golden color) put them on the kitchen tissue for some minutes (to make the extra oil come out) and then pour over with some powdered sugar. Ready to eat:D